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Microsoft Access 2013 (Voucher Included) (MS-MA13)


Course Description

This comprehensive, performance-based certification preparation online program, you can build and validate your business computer skills using Microsoft Access 2013 software. You will cover basic through advanced topics, including creating Tables, Forms, Action Queries, Reports, and more. Upon completion, you will be prepared to earn your certification and gain an important edge in today's competitive job market. This online course is supported by an instructor and is available for year-round open enrollment.


This course teaches the following Exam 77-424: Microsoft Access 2013 Objectives
Access® 2013: Exam 77-424

1.0 Create and Manage a Database
1.1 Create a New Database
1.1.1 Create New Databases
1.1.2 Create Databases Use Templates
1.1.3 Create Databases In Older Formats
1.1.4 Create Databases Use Wizards
1.2 Manage Relationships and Keys
1.2.1 Edit References Between Tables
1.2.2 Create and Modify Relationships
1.2.3 Set Primary Key Fields
1.2.4 Enforce Referential Integrity
1.2.5 Set Foreign Keys
1.2.6 View Relationships
1.3 Navigate Through a Database
1.3.1 Navigate To Specific Records
1.3.2 Set a Form As The Startup Option
1.3.3 Use Navigation Forms
1.3.4 Set Navigation Options
1.3.5 Change Views
1.4 Protect and Maintain a Database
1.4.1 Compact Databases
1.4.2 Repair Databases
1.4.3 Backup Databases
1.4.4 Split Databases
1.4.5 Encrypt Databases With a Password
1.4.6 Merge Databases
1.4.7 Recover Data From a Backups
1.5 Print and Export a Database
1.5.1 Print Reports
1.5.2 Print Records
1.5.3 Maintain Backward Compatibility
1.5.4 Save Databases As Templates
1.5.5 Save Databases To External Locations
1.5.6 Export To Alternate Formats

2.0 Build Tables
2.1 Create a Table
2.1.1 Create New Tables
2.1.2 Import External Data Into Tables
2.1.3 Create Linked Tables From External Sources
2.1.4 Import Tables From Others Database
2.1.5 Create Tables From Templates and Application Parts
2.2 Format a Table
2.2.1 Hide Fields In Tables
2.2.2 Change Data Formats
2.2.3 Add Total Rows
2.2.4 Add Table Descriptions
2.2.5 Rename Tables

2.3 Manage Records
2.3.1 Update Records
2.3.2 Add New Records
2.3.3 Delete Records
2.3.4 Append Records From External Data
2.3.5 Find and Replace Data
2.3.6 Sort Records
2.3.7 Filter Records
2.3.8 Group Records
2.4 Create and Modify Fields
2.4.1 Add Fields To Tables
2.4.2 Add a Validation Rules To Fields
2.4.3 Change Field Captions
2.4.4 Change Field Sizes
2.4.5 Change Field Data Types
2.4.6 Configure Fields To Auto-Increment
2.4.7 Set Default Values
2.4.8 Use Input Masks
2.4.9 Delete Fields

3.0 Create Queries
3.1 Create a Query
3.1.1 Run Queries
3.1.2 Create Crosstab Queries
3.1.3 Create Parameter Queries
3.1.4 Create Action Queries
3.1.5 Create Multi-Table Queries
3.1.6 Save Queries
3.1.7 Delete Queries
3.2 Modify a Query
3.2.1 Rename Queries
3.2.2 Add New Fields
3.2.3 Remove Fields
3.2.4 Hide Fields
3.2.5 Sort Data Within Queries
3.2.6 Format Fields Within Queries
3.3 Utilize Calculated Fields and Grouping Within a Query
3.3.1 Add Calculated Fields
3.3.2 Add Conditional Logic
3.3.3 Group and Summarize Data
3.3.4 Use Comparison Operators
3.3.5 Use Basic Operators

4.0 Create Forms
4.1 Create a Form
4.1.1 Create New Forms
4.1.2 Create Forms With Application Parts
4.1.3 Save Forms
4.1.4 Delete Forms

4.2 Set Form Controls
4.2.1 Move Form Controls
4.2.2 Add Form Controls
4.2.3 Modify Data Sources
4.2.4 Remove Form Controls
4.2.5 Set Form Control Properties
4.2.6 Manage Labels
4.3 Format a Form
4.3.1 Modify Tab Order In Forms
4.3.2 Format Print Layouts
4.3.3 Sort Records
4.3.4 Apply Themes
4.3.5 Change Margins
4.3.6 Insert Backgrounds
4.3.7 Auto-Order Forms
4.3.8 Insert Headers and Footers
4.3.9 Insert Images
4.3.10 Modify Existing Forms

5.0 Create Reports
5.1 Create a Report
5.1.1 Create New Reports
5.1.2 Create Reports With Application Parts
5.1.3 Delete Reports
5.2 Set Report Controls
5.2.1 Group Data By Fields
5.2.2 Sort Data
5.2.3 Add Sub-Forms
5.2.4 Modify Data Sources
5.2.5 Add Report Controls
5.2.6 Manage Labels
5.3 Format a Report
5.3.1 Format Reports Into Multiple Columns
5.3.2 Add Calculated Fields
5.3.3 Set Margins
5.3.4 Add Backgrounds
5.3.5 Change Report Orientation
5.3.6 Change Sort Order
5.3.7 Insert Headers and Footers
5.3.8 Insert Images
5.3.9 Insert Page Numbers
5.3.10 Apply Themes
5.3.11 Modify Existing Reports

Grading and Examination: This course has continuous assessments for goal-based learning. Each Level has an online quiz. There are several Skill Tests for students to demonstrate practical use of the materials. a student must earn 70% of the possible points for credit on the course. There is no penalty for re-taking a quiz or resubmitting a Skill Test to achieve a better score.


12 months




Students for Exam 77-424: Microsoft Access 2013 should have the equivalent of six months of hands-on computer experience before taking the exam. These exam candidates should be proficient at file management. In addition, students should be able to readily identify and use the commands for at least 80% of the exam objectives in preparation for taking the timed exam.
Amongst the skills necessary, students should be especially effective at entering information and analyzing data. Successful students will have mastered how to create and edit Forms, query the data for specific parameters, create and format Reports, maintain and optimize a database for multiple users.


This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below. The percentages indicate the relative weight of each major topic area on the exam. The higher the percentage, the more questions you are likely to see on that content area on the exam. This exam is designed for candidates who have a fundamental understanding of the Access 2013 environment and the ability to complete tasks independently. They should know and demonstrate the correct application of the principal features of Access 2013.




Elizabeth Ann Nofs is the designer, developer, and instructor of the Comma Mama Guides. She developed a successful method for teaching visually that is based on observation, orientation and notation. The books that I wrote for this course meet the Microsoft Vendor of Approved course ware. As the instructor for this program, Elizabeth is available to provide guidance and motivation for learners throughout the duration of this program. As an expert mentor, she will provide answers to learner questions, monitor learner's program progression, and review lesson and program quiz/test results


This program can only be taken on a PC. It is not compatible with a Mac. It is compatible with Windows 7 and later operating systems and IE 7 and later browsers. You need a high-speed Internet connection and an e-mail account. You should also have Microsoft Office 2013 already installed: Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.
This program does not require any additional purchases of supplementary materials.

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