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Video Game Design (ITS-VGD10)


Course Description

Our online game design course is ideal for anyone who has ever considered a career as a video game designer. Our "learn anytime, from anywhere" approach to learning affords students greater flexibility by allowing them to advance at their own pace, from the comfort of their own homes. Our award winning Video Game Design and Basics of Programming online game design course is also great for amateur gamers looking to increase their knowledge of computer game design and programming.

The course combines computer graphics concepts, computer aided instruction and marketing in a highly user-friendly program that requires no prior knowledge of video gaming or graphics programming. These skills are covered in our engaging, project-centered virtual internships which provide students with hands-on experience in real-world situations. Over the course of your training, you will have the freedom to concentrate on any phase of the computer game design process, from the initial planning phase, through the design of computer-generated characters and environments, and various areas of computer programming.

The course includes numerous digital videos and interactive multi-media presentations that focus on the technical and interpersonal, project and time management skills you'll need to work for a real computer game design company. You'll also develop and manage complex video game environments a variety of related visualization applications.

Online Game Design Course Curriculum:
• Game design, creation and integration
• Programming skills
• Storytelling
• Game play scripting
• Character development
• Art and animation
• Audio Production
• Project management techniques


I. Project 1
a. Phase 1 - Defining Your Game Purpose
i. Certification Section I
1. Game Engines and Programming
2. Programs Are…
3. Writing a Program
4. Printing and Text
5. Do Loops
6. Debugging
b. Phase 2 - Setting the Criteria and Constraints for Your Game
i. Certification Section II
1. Variables
2. Math
3. Random Numbers
4. For/Next Loops
5. Array Basics
6. Data Statements
c. Phase 3 - Researching Existing Game Design Models
i. Certification Section III
1. 2D and 3D Game Worlds
2. Objects
3. Cameras
d. Phase 4 - Brainstorming Your Game Concept, Action, and Story
i. Certification Section IV
1. Human Input
2. Collision
3. Textures
4. Sounds
5. Producing Your Game
6. Making an EXE
e. Phase 5 - Building Your Game Prototype
f. Phase 6 - Testing and Evaluating Your Game
g. Phase 7 - Packaging, Pitching and Presenting Your Game
II. Project 2
a. Edutainment Game for Game Competition (Optional)
i. Certification Tutorials
1. Level Design
2. Adding Levels
3. Advanced Display


6 months




No prior game design, programming or graphics programming experience are necessary. It is helpful to have a basic familiarity with computers. A high school level of mathematics, reading and writing is assumed.

Our Game Design Virtual Internship experience is appropriate for learners who are interested in learning the basic skills of programming and game design. This course is ideal for anyone who would like to experience the thrill of creating a video game and who might like to see if a career in game design or programming is a fit. This course is also perfect for the game enthusiast who has never had the chance to create and program their own game, or someone who would like to add to their experiences for their CV or resume.


Upon completion of this computer game design course receive a Certificate in The Basics of Programming and Video Game Design. Two complete game production projects, a portfolio documenting your creative process, and a personal experience working within an industry setting will showcase the technical and soft skills employers are looking for. With our unparalleled comprehensive training program, master the skills to open doors in the growing video game industry.

Accredited by WOW
Special Note – Not only do you earn an industry endorsed certificate, but completers of this course also receive a free 1 year membership in the Web Professionals organization. The world’s leading professional organization for Web and IT professionals.




Daniel Foreman has been programming since he was seven, and has enjoyed working for large and small software companies throughout his career. Another constant in his career is his enjoyment of helping others to learn. Since 2005 Daniel has been focused on supporting and training new and application developers. His first tutorial DVDs focused on desktop applications and games. As smartphones grew in popularity he then changed focus to work with a new rapid mobile development kit (AGK) and in 2012 released a book on Programming for Android and Windows. Over his career he has produced hundreds of tutorial videos and has spent countless hours supporting and training people new to programming. His passion and enjoyment is evident in the time he invests in helping others to learn app programming.

Steve Waddell has been creating career oriented computer courseware since the mid 90’s. He is passionate for creating tools to inspire others to learn and is an award winning entrepreneur and developer of interactive online learning. Steve is the founder of the Future Application and Game Designer Challenge and has run the competition for 8 years.


This program does not require any additional purchases of supplementary materials.

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