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Marketing & PR (PD-M&P01)


Course Description

Marketing and PR – when it comes to marketing in business, knowing about money isn’t the only aspect. In our course we will teach you the marketing tricks of big business and learn how to apply them to your brand or small business. The rules of marketing and strategies learned in our course will teach you about the pioneering of future marketing as well as a step-by-step action plan for using these marketing techniques to effectively communicate with buyers directly, raise visibility, and increase sales.

We will take the latest social media tools, marketing trends and apply them to real-life examples in your business to equal success. In our course you'll build your skills in each lesson and master cost-effective marketing strategies. We will look deep into newly popular tools such as Infographics, photo-sharing using Pinterest and Instagram, as well as expanded information on social media such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Whether you're new to advertising or looking for a refresher, this course will make you marketing pro. And by the time you're done, you'll have a personalized plan of action for increasing your sales—all on a shoestring budget.

This course is not only for business owners! In our course you will learn the single resource for entrepreneurs, business owners, nonprofit managers as well as those working in marketing or publicity departments to help you build a marketing and PR strategy to grow any business.


Marketing & PR Module 1
How the Web Has Changed the Rules of Marketing/PR and Web-based Communications to Reach Your Buyers Directly

In module one we will be discussing how the old rules of Marketing & PR have changed and what this means for us today. The new rules of Marketing & PR will be introduced and we will apply them to how we can reach potential buyers and current clients directly. Social media will also be looked at this week as well as the various other forms of web-based communications.

How the Old Rules of Marketing & PR are Ineffective
The New Rules of Marketing & PR
Social Media, Forums and Wiki’s
Blogs, Audio and Video
News Releases
Marketing & PR Module 2
Action Plan for Harnessing the Power of the New Rules

We will go more into depth in module two as we explore our marketing options and build our Marketing & PR plan. Some marketing efforts can be helpful to your business/brand, but others can be harmful. This is why we must develop a plan and analyze it. In addition, we’ll learn why it is important to connect with buyers and what keeps them coming back, all within the new rules of Marketing & PR.

Building your Marketing & PR Plan
Developing Thought Leadership Content
Effective Writing for Marketing
Buying Process
Marketing Models
Marketing & PR Module 3
Mobile Marketing and Web Content for Marketing

In module three get ready to hit the web as we explore why having the right tools on your site matter for marketing. We will discuss all the areas that perhaps many don’t think they need; from QR codes to videos, we will cover the in’s and outs of web content and how to use it when marketing your business or brand.

Why QR Codes are a Great Marketing Tool
Using Social Networking Sites to Your Marketing Advantage
Optimizing Social Networking Pages
Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging and How to Reach an Audience
Videos and Podcasts
Marketing & PR Module 4
News Releases and Search Engine Marketing

In our final module, news is where we will focus our time. I bet many don’t realize that there are many useful marketing tools just sitting in the news media. The web has changed the way we deliver the news and for PR professionals it is important to understand the basics of how news releases affect our business and brand if not done correctly. We will also focus sometime in the world of Google and how PR professionals use this well-known site as the top in search engine optimization (SEO). We will close our course out with how to apply all we have learned and changing our mindset, facing our fears and getting the help you need to be successful.

Developing a News Release Strategy for Your Business
Best Practices and Publishing News Releases
Making the First Page on Google
Search Engine Optimization
Managing Your Fears in Marketing & PR


1 month




There are no specific prerequisites for this class. It is designed for anyone desiring to enhance their skills or learn the topics covered in the class.





This class is an independent-study course.  Students will have all the resources needed to successfully complete the course within the online material.  A student helpdesk is available for technical support during the course enrollment.


Internet Access

Broadband or high-speed internet access is required. Broadband includes DSL, cable, and wireless connections.
Dial-Up internet connections will result in a diminished online experience. Moodle pages may load slowly and viewing large audio and video files may not be possible.

Windows hardware configurations and processors are acceptable
Mac computers MUST have Microsoft Window Operating Systems over Bootcamp (Bootcamp is a free download from Apple's website)
1 GB RAM minimum recommended
Operating Systems
Windows XP, Vista or 7 and Mac OS X 10 or higher with Windows
Web Browsers
Google Chrome is highly recommended
Internet Explorer is not recommended as it may not display certain menus and links
Cookies MUST be enabled
Pop-ups MUST be allowed (Pop-up Blocker disabled)
Kindle Reader App is needed for many of our courses (No special equipment needed. This can be downloaded onto your computer.)
Adobe PDF Reader
Media Plug-ins (These may be required depending on your course media.)
Adobe Flash Player (Required for many of our career courses and ALL of our IT courses.)
Adobe Acrobat Reader, Apple Quicktime, Windows Media Player, &/or Real Player
PowerPoint Viewer (Use this if you don't have PowerPoint)

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