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Workforce Readiness: Computer Concepts (IT-WFRCC-01)


Course Description

This hybrid-only Computer Concepts course provides students with very basic skills on how to operate a computer and function within a digital environment, essentials in today’s computer-driven workplace. Students will explore a computer’s hardware and software, as well as use the internet for either for job search or basic workplace purposes. The first day of the class is designed to be an in-person classroom meeting, with the remainder of the class taught online.

Audience: The target audience for the Computer Concepts course are individuals with limited computer literacy who are interested in learning basic computer skills in order to improve their chances of finding a job and building a career.


Apply critical thinking, questioning, and problem-solving strategies for the workplace
Apply creativity skills and innovative thinking to the workplace
Explain ways to improve flexibility and adaptability and their value in the workplace
Describe effective workplace communication and collaboration techniques
Explain the principal elements of social and cross-cultural skills and how they are applied to the workplace
Describe the principal elements of initiative and self-direction and how those elements contribute to achieving goals for the workplace
Explain ways to optimize productivity and accountability in the workplace
Explain the qualities and responsibilities of an effective leader
Describe the principal elements of financial literacy


3 months








This class supported by an Educational Mentor. Our educational mentors have worked or are working in the subject they mentor. Educational Mentors reviews student work, student progress, and interacts with students as needed. They respond to any questions or concerns you might have, as well as encouraging and motivating you to succeed.


This course does not require any additional purchases of supplementary materials.

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