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TOEFL Test Preparation (BP-TOEFL01)


Course Description

This TOEFL Test Prep Course is packed with everything you need to succeed on the TOEFL test. We show you exactly what to expect on the test, tell you precisely how the test is scored and give you hundreds of authentic test questions to study for practice. You will receive a textbook, a CD-ROM, and access to 3 full-length authentic TOEFL practice tests online.

At the completing this course you should be able to:

• Comprehend the structure of the TOEFL test and how it is scored
• Identify tips to complete the reading section quickly and successfully
• Identify tips to complete the writing section quickly and successfully
• Identify tips to complete the listening section quickly and successfully
• Identify tips to complete the speaking section quickly and successfully


TOEFL Test Preparation Module 1
About the TOEFL iBT
• Getting Started
• How to Use the Textbook & CD-ROM
• All About the TOEFL iBT
• TOEFL iBT Reading Section
• TOEFL iBT Listening Section
• TOEFL iBT Speaking Section
• TOEFL iBT Writing Section
• About Test Scores
• General Skill Building Tips
• Test Preparation Tips
• Questions Frequently Asked by Students
TOEFL Test Preparation Module 2
Reading Section
• Reading Passages
• Reading Questions
• Basic Information and Inferencing Questions
• Reading to Learn Questions
• Strategies for Preparing the Reading Section
• Reading Practice Sets
TOEFL Test Preparation Module 3
Listening Section
• Listening Materials
• Listening Questions
• Basic Comprehension Questions
• Pragmatic Understanding Questions
• Connecting Information Questions
• Strategies for Preparing for the Listening Section
• Listening Practice Sets
TOEFL Test Preparation Module 4
Speaking Section
• The Speaking Section
• Speaking Question Types
• Independent
• Integrated Reading/Listening/Speaking
• Integrated Listening/Speaking
• Speaking Scoring Rubric
• Strategies for Preparing for the Speaking Section
• Frequently Asked Questions about the TOEFL Speaking Section
TOEFL Test Preparation Module 5
Writing Section
• Introduction to the Writing Section
• Integrated Writing Task
• How the Task is Phrased
• Strategies for Preparing for the Integrated Writing Task
• Integrated Writing Scoring Rubric
• The Independent Writing Task
• How Essays are Scored
• Independent Writing Scoring Rubric
• Independent Writing Topics
TOEFL Test Preparation Module 6
Practice Tests
• TOEFL Reading Section
• TOEFL Listening Section
• TOEFL Speaking Section
• TOEFL Writing Section
• Answers, Explanations, and Listening Scripts
TOEFL Test Preparation Module 7
Writer's Handbook for English Language Learners
• Grammar
• Usage
• Mechanics
• Style
• Organization and Development
• Advice to Writers
• Revising, Editing, and Proofreading
• Glossary


1 month




There are no specific prerequisites for this course. Students will need access to both a computer and the internet. Students should have basic keyboarding and computer skills, and be comfortable navigating the internet.

The intended audience for this program is individuals that are seeking to prepare for the TOEFL exam.





This class is an independent-study course.  Students will have all the resources needed to successfully complete the course within the online material.  A student helpdesk is available for technical support during the course enrollment.


Internet Access
• Broadband or high-speed internet access is required. Broadband includes DSL, cable, and wireless connections.
• Dial-Up internet connections will result in a diminished online experience. Moodle pages may load slowly and viewing large audio and video files may not be possible.

• Windows hardware configurations and processors are acceptable
• Mac computers MUST have Microsoft Window Operating Systems over Bootcamp (Bootcamp is a free download from Apple's website)
• 1 GB RAM minimum recommended
• Operating Systems
-Windows XP, Vista or 7 and Mac OS X 10 or higher with Windows
• Web Browsers
-Google Chrome is highly recommended
-Internet Explorer is not recommended as it may not display certain menus and links
• Cookies MUST be enabled
• Pop-ups MUST be allowed (Pop-up Blocker disabled)
• Kindle Reader App
• Adobe PDF Reader
• Media Plug-ins (These may be required depending on your course media.)
• Adobe Flash Player
• Adobe Acrobat Reader, Apple Quicktime, Windows Media Player, &/or Real Player
• PowerPoint Viewer

The following textbooks will be provided to each student upon registration:

• The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test by ETS

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