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    This in-depth, comprehensive course is specially designed to help mechatronic technicians boost their employment options in the automation and mechatronics engineering sector in any industry. Mechatronic technicians need to have excellent problem solving skills as well as detailed knowledge of engineering programs that apply to different engineering systems. With the help of this course, you can build up your skill sets and boost your hireability. Skilled mechatronic technicians are in high demand in almost any industry including construction, manufacturing, and aerospace.


    This detailed course is one of the best ways that you can build a foundation towards getting a rewarding career in the electrical system field. Electrical systems technicians are a necessity in any industry as they are needed for troubleshooting, maintaining and installing various systems and equipment. Skilled electrical systems technicians can expect to earn an annual wage of $50,000-$60,000 and experience job stability and security as this specialization has room for growth in the current market. With the help of our advanced training program, you can develop the necessary skillsets to succeed in this career option.


    This extensive and detailed course helps you get an in-depth look at the industrial process control that applies to manufacturing procedures of almost any industry. Process control is necessary to implement consistency, safety and streamline procedures, which cannot be done through manual control. For any industry, this is necessary in order to efficiently continue the production and manufacturing of goods. This advanced industrial process control program is designed to help you understand the core concepts of this area. Industrial process control can implement various concepts, from management to collaboration and more.


    This comprehensive course will help you take a closer look at mechanical systems and the vital role they play in various industries. Machinery, whether it is used for production, refinement or even just for packaging, is a must for any industry. Finding the right specialist who understands advanced mechanical systems is a major challenge. This is why, our course can help to prepare you for a lucrative career and also push up your hireabilty in the marketplace. Designed for advanced level, we make sure to cover the basics as well as give you in-depth look at the industry.


    The Building Automation Systems (BAS) Online Certificate Program provides entry level knowledge for those aspiring to become Direct Digital Controls (DDC) Technicians. It starts with the fundamentals of building controls and then works through general web based DDC networking knowledge. Next, it is on to control drawing fundamentals and a simulated Graphic User Interface (GUI) used to practice troubleshooting and DDC point identification. Finally, students are introduced to some common types of DDC programming. The last two courses of the program allow students to practice applying DDC technology to common pieces of commercial HVAC equipment. Upon successful completion of a course (a score of 75% or higher), students are registered into the next one and receive a certificate of completion.


    This multimedia-rich program is ideal for individuals who want to pursue a career in building construction with an entry-level job. This program will provide you with thorough building construction training in relation to firefighting and life safety programs. During the course, you’ll be introduced to the five types of NFPA classifications for building construction. The course explores the following areas: • Loads and structural components • The impact of fire safety and other emergencies on the design of building and construction • Various components of building systems • The impact of building system components on design and construction • The response of different structures to fire and other emergency systems This course will kickstart your career in building construction.


    The HVAC/R Technician Specialist program offers an opportunity for students to learn the skills necessary to enter the field of heating, cooling and refrigeration while also exploring methods for communicating effectively with the customer and solving problems. As the industry moves forward into the future, the need for skilled technicians is growing. The NATE Certified HVAC Technician Program is a comprehensive online HVAC education program encompassing a well-rounded set of skills used by installers and technicians who are seeking NATE Certification. It covers all the NATE Core areas with a rich selection of foundational courses, and then focuses on Air Conditioning specialty at the Service Level.


    This multimedia-rich and intensive automotive technician training program is for individuals interested in pursuing a career as a technician in automotive services. During this program, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of automotive theory as well as gain practical skills for maintenance, repair, and servicing automobiles. This training program will take you through the necessary steps required for diagnosing and servicing various types of automobile systems such as electronic automatic transmissions and hybrid vehicles.


    This multimedia-rich program is ideal for entry-level and experienced individuals pursuing a career as a Medium-heavy truck technician. It outlines the overall role of a truck technician, covers essential industry standards, equipment, tools, and safety procedures. You’ll learn all the steps involved in diagnosing and servicing different types of diesel engines. As part of the course, you’ll also receive in-depth knowledge and guidance on-highway diesel engines, their servicing and management.


    Get qualified as an entry-level chemical plant operator with our intensive course designed solely on this area. The demand for chemical plant operators is high and having the right skills can give you a leg up on the competition. The global opportunities that this career path has to offer make it worthwhile to pursue this. The job stability as well as the growth opportunities and mobility that chemical plant operators enjoy are second to none. If you’re looking to get started in this career path, sign up for our chemical plant operations course today.


    The HVACR Core Technician Program is a comprehensive online HVACR education program encompassing heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. In addition to the rich selection of basics courses, each technician may choose as the final course an elective that fits his/her specific interests or regional system type. This flexibility allows the student to focus on knowledge used in his/her line of work or home geographic area.


    Automation and Mechatronics engineering is a key field in the industrial and manufacturing industry. This field works to unite the fundamentals of mechanics and electronics to create more functional systems and equipment. In this level two, intermediate level program we will cover multiple topics including the basics of hydraulics and pneumatics, transformers and AC circuits, electrical safety, and power supplies as well as providing the first introduction to robotics, process measurement and control, and the principles of welding. This program is targeted at professionals with previous level one training or experience including the basics of safety, tools, and mechanics & electronics.