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    Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and the number of Spanish speakers is growing every day. If you are trying to learn Spanish, this course will give you the opportunity to learn basic conversational Spanish. The goal of our program is to teach basic Spanish vocabulary, grammar, literacy, and conversation skills to students with little or no knowledge of the Spanish language.


    Aprender inglés como segunda lengua puede ser esencial para tener éxito en el mundo laboral. Este curso es una introducción de la lengua inglesa para hispanohablantes donde se incluyen conceptos básicos de vocabulario, gramática y habilidades de conversación para personas con poco o ningún conocimiento del idioma. Se muestran las formas adecuadas para estructurar oraciones y mantener una conversación. Otros temas cubiertos incluyen cómo construir párrafos de forma fluida, aclarar algunas de las palabras más confusas del idioma inglés y las reglas de uso para las letras mayúsculas.


    This TOEFL Test Prep Course is packed with everything you need to succeed on the TOEFL test. We show you exactly what to expect on the test, tell you precisely how the test is scored and give you hundreds of authentic test questions to study for practice. You will receive a textbook, a CD-ROM, and access to 3 full-length authentic TOEFL practice tests online. After completing this course, you should be able to: • Comprehend the structure of the TOEFL test and how it is scored • Identify tips to complete the reading section quickly and successfully • Identify tips to complete the writing section quickly and successfully • Identify tips to complete the listening section quickly and successfully • Identify tips to complete the speaking section quickly and successfully