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Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals

Hospitals today face major challenges. Health insurers are demanding lower prices.

Hospitals today face major challenges. Health insurers are demanding lower prices. Patients are demanding an improvement in their quality of care. Our Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals course applies Lean Six Sigma principles to patient flow, data management, and statistics. The result is a faster, better, and more profitable hospital. Students will learn how to locate opportunities for improvement and apply Lean Six Sigma concepts to quickly improve hospital operations, quality of care, and reduce costs.


Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals Module 1
Steps to a Faster and Safer Hospital

Lean Six Sigma in healthcare can help prevent medical mistakes, decrease death rates, reduce lengths of hospital stays, and create a better quality of patient care. Module one discusses what you can do to provide operational excellence in your workplace. Also examined is the similarities and differences between your customers and stakeholders. Module one will provide students with the ability to analyze and create an action plan within your hospital.

Accelerate the Patient’s Experience
Faster Door-to-Balloon Time
Accelerated Patient Flow
Value-Stream Mapping
Steps to a Safer Hospital
Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals Module 2
Reducing Defects

The United States healthcare system waste billions of dollars annually. In module two, we will look at ways we can reduce the cost of healthcare by streamlining business while at the same time provide more efficient services to our clients. In this module we will examine the critical processes of improving and redesigning.

Reducing Defects with Six Sigma
Getting to Lean Six Sigma
Steps to a More Profitable Hospital
Manufacturing and Service
The Universal Improvement Method
Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals Module 3
Sustaining Improvement

Module three discusses how to create a fool-proof data collection. Different programs exist and we will explore which will work to build the most efficient data plans for your organization. Included in module three is how to organize your data in excel and how to use the PivotTable wizard to analyze your data. Module three will culminate with discussion on process flowcharts and how to effectively create and implement your plan to educate your team on the reality of the process.

Mistake Proof Data Collection
Setting Up Your Data in Excel
PivotTable Wizard
Process Flowchart
Control Plan
Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals Module 4
Tools for Implementing Lean Six Sigma in Hospitals

With an experienced team, qualified to access and continue with operational excellence, your organization and its clients will succeed. Module four will examine how to focus your improvement efforts and how to easily avoid and overcome and crises that present themselves. Also included in module four is a discussion that can help healthcare providers achieve conflicting goals between all parties.

Focusing the Improvement Effort
Test of Proportion
Crises Junkies
Conflicting Goals


1 month




There are no specific prerequisites for this class. It is designed for anyone desiring to enhance their skills or learn the topics covered in the class.






This class is an independent-study course.  Students will have all the resources needed to successfully complete the course within the online material.  A student helpdesk is available for technical support during the course enrollment.


Internet Access

Broadband or high-speed internet access is required. Broadband includes DSL, cable, and wireless connections.
Dial-Up internet connections will result in a diminished online experience. Moodle pages may load slowly and viewing large audio and video files may not be possible.

Windows hardware configurations and processors are acceptable
Mac computers MUST have Microsoft Window Operating Systems over Bootcamp (Bootcamp is a free download from Apple's website)
1 GB RAM minimum recommended
Operating Systems
Windows XP, Vista or 7 and Mac OS X 10 or higher with Windows
Web Browsers
Google Chrome is highly recommended
Internet Explorer is not recommended as it may not display certain menus and links
Cookies MUST be enabled
Pop-ups MUST be allowed (Pop-up Blocker disabled)
Kindle Reader App is needed for many of our courses (No special equipment needed. This can be downloaded onto your computer.)
Adobe PDF Reader
Media Plug-ins (These may be required depending on your course media.)
Adobe Flash Player (Required for many of our career courses and ALL of our IT courses.)
Adobe Acrobat Reader, Apple Quicktime, Windows Media Player, &/or Real Player
PowerPoint Viewer (Use this if you don't have PowerPoint)


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